3 Primary Reasons to Replenish Your Emergency First Aid Kit With Organic Band-Aids

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One way to contribute positively to the environment is by embracing organic products. Many people are now moving towards organic foods to improve their health. But did you know that you can also benefit from organic band-aids? Organic band-aids are personal healthcare products that offer numerous advantages to users and the environment. Compared to plastic adhesive bandages, here are a few solid reasons you should restock your emergency first aid kit with organic band-aids

They Are Made From Chemical-Free Raw Materials

Organic band-aids are made from chemical-free natural materials. Organic band-aids are surprisingly biodegradable, unlike their synthetic counterparts designed from non-biodegradable materials containing chemicals like vinyl or polyvinyl chloride. Because of this reason, organic band-aids offer a straightforward, cost-efficient alternative for treating open cuts and wounds while remaining eco-friendly. Therefore, purchasing organic band-aids is a great way to encourage sustainability since the methods used in their production don't emit greenhouse gases. 

They Expedite Wound Healing

When someone is wounded or has suffered cuts or burns, it's advisable to dress the affected area with a bandage to protect it from potential infection. Organic band-aids are fortified with natural healing elements like Aloe Vera and coconut oils. Their unique antimicrobial and antibacterial traits help speed up the healing process. Furthermore, they have more exceptional breathability than synthetic band-aids, and their relatively low pH discourages the development of harmful bacteria. In turn, your cuts or wounds can heal much faster with organic band-aids. Dressing your wounds with these band-aids can also reduce the chances of your skin being left with ugly scars after healing.

Organic Band-Aids Are Hypoallergenic 

You might be quickly convinced that latex band-aids are universally safe since they are designed from natural latex. While they are natural, some people who are allergic to some substances might not find them ideal. That's the primary reason your health practitioner will inquire to know whether you are allergic before applying latex-based bandages. That means they can be a severe problem for patients who have no idea about the sensitivity of their skin to latex. For this reason, opting for organic band-aids can be a prudent decision. Biodegradable band-aids are hypoallergenic, meaning they don't react with your skin. As such, they are safer than their synthetic counterparts. 

Indeed, organic band-aids offer numerous advantages to your health and the environment. To enjoy all these benefits, visit your local medical supply store and buy a pack of organic band-aids for your emergency first aid kit. 


22 February 2022

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